The 2022 Summer Festival of Light, Sound, and Peace

Last chance to attend the 2022 Summer Festival of Light, Sound, and Peace!

From Sunday, July 17 (arrive mid-afternoon)

through Friday, July 22 (depart after lunch)

at The Briars Resort in Jackson’s Point, Ontario, Canada

or online via Zoom

This year’s Summer Festival has a remarkable program of rare Unfoldments™, practical applications, and shared realizations. Some of the highlights include:

“Radical Reliance on Truth”: This interactive program goes to the heart of Dr. Kenneth G. Mills’s teaching – Identity. What does this mean? What is the distinction between “who am I?” and “what am I?” What is Real and what is unreal? And most importantly, how is this idea practiced and applied to daily living?

“Music Appreciation”: Musical analysis will be used as a means to appreciate and admire the musical wonder surrounding Unfoldment™ The sessions include explanation, video excerpts, and sound examples of a musical terms used by Dr. Mills. This will aid in opening up the meaning of his recorded lecture “Foundation of Vision,” which will be played.

“The Language of Spirit”: This session explores how Kenneth Mills learned to appropriate “the language of Spirit” and how practitioners have benefited from using this language.

“The Essence of Community”: In his memoirs, The Candy Maker’s Son, Dr. Mills presented his vision for community. His expansive ideas will be revisited in this session, and examples of vibrant communities will presented.

“Researching the Treasures in the Library of the Kenneth G. Mills Foundation”: In this session you will learn some of the techniques for finding treasures in the online library.

Other activities at the Briars include barbecue lunches, sunning and swimming on the beach, and enjoying the company of fellow participants.

The fee for the entire festival at the Briars (including accommodations and all meals, tips, and taxes, plus classes) is

$1,630 each for those in shared accommodations (2 per room); or $2,395 for single occupancy

Day-only attendance is also possible. Kindly contact Jan Butler ([email protected]) regarding single-day attendance or with any other questions.

Zoom rates are $35 per class, or $250 for the entire week (9 classes)

Fees may be paid online at or by sending a cheque to the Kenneth G. Mills Foundation, P.O. Box 790, Station F, Toronto, ON M4Y 2N7.

Once you are enrolled in the festival, you will receive a booklet by email containing the schedule, information on classes, and pertinent transcripts.

“A Festival is that time set aside where performance is expected, because a festival is an act of participation in which all those who are present offer their performance, having worked in the vineyard of inspiration during the seasons graced with celebrations and offering a spring into the lap of the summer sun.” (K. G. Mills, July 22, 1977)





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