The Star-Scape Singers

“This is a superbly trained ensemble. Collectively, the 10 solo voices make up an instrument of bright and extraordinary varied capacity. They function as one – singing with piercing purity, without vibrato, and in flawless pitch.”
(Tim Page, The New York Times)

Dr. Kenneth Mills founded the internationally acclaimed choral ensemble The Star-Scape Singers in 1976, and together they won the hearts of audiences around the world.

The maestro and his Star-Scape Singers performed seven times at Carnegie Hall in New York City and had six extensive tours of Eastern and Western Europe. They were honoured as guest artists at major international singing festivals in Switzerland, Ireland, France, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Russia, and the Baltic Republics.

Star-Scape inaugurated the 1986 World Year of Music with two full-length programs on Radio Vatican. A force for world harmony and unity, they led the first non-military Victory Day parade in Moscow, in 1991, and sang in Red Square before an estimated 500,000 Russian onlookers.

With principle composer Chris Dedrick and others, Dr. Mills created over 150 original choral works that were performed by the Star-Scape Singers. Dr. Mills and Star-Scape have recorded seventeen albums including their major work, The Fire Mass.

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