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People from every walk of life sought out Kenneth G. Mills to ask about their deepest questions and concerns, sometimes arriving unexpectedly on his doorstep at all hours. He responded to these seekers spontaneously and from the heart. When their number became too large to speak with individually, Dr. Mills turned to public lecturing to accommodate everyone. He called his spontaneous speaking “Unfoldment.”

In his Unfoldment, Dr. Mills explored countless ideas, including those of Identity, individuality, and the force of Love. For a society that seems to have lost sight of the purpose of an ideal, he offered the vision of a “Star-Hero,” and noted that “A hero is a hero because he is not afraid to be Real.”

Dr. Mills also spoke spontaneously in poetry. A poem might suddenly blossom in the middle of a lecture or rehearsal, or while he was engaged in day-to-day activities or travel. He chose the title Surprises for his first published collection of these spontaneous poems because, he said, “Well, it has always been a surprise to me that I could ever give a poem.”

The language of Unfoldment is often highly symbolic, and when studied, an Unfoldment can be seen to carry multiple levels and layers of meaning. Yet these lectures are also eminently practical. And, mysteriously, an Unfoldment seems to operate beyond space and time, clarifying questions carried by those present when the lecture was given and those hearing the words from thousands of miles away or many years later.

From 1968 until his passing in 2004, Dr. Mills gave thousands of hours of Spontaneous Unfoldment on many kinds of occasions and in many different settings. His inspired insights became a vocalization dedicated to sharing limitless possibilities with those who question the apparent state of affairs in their lives and in the world.

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  • "Choice Words" - Kenneth G. Mills




  • "The Gracious Nature of Discovery" - Kenneth G. Mills




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Dr. Mills described the Unfoldment in many of his lectures, and his descriptors were always
unique for the moment in which they were given. The following are a few examples:

"My life has been one, hopefully, that could lead you to find the Key that would erase your robotization and would allow you to perceive your True Identity."

"The Unfoldment is nothing but a Lecture that is given so that your awareness may be attuned to a Sound Frequency which gives you an opportunity to find a Sound Vestment that will walk with you through every day and every moment, as the evidence of the eternal button of Truth starts to glow within the chakra of your heart and within the crown of rejoicing, as man walks over the rainbow bridge of the Covenant:

I will never leave you comfortless and I will always find a way to be at hand bearing the practicality of the wonder of the visible and the Invisible coincidence."

"[Unfoldment is] an impromptu performance under the impelling of divine ideas. It is a projection from another dimension or plane of consciousness, causing those prepared to hear to awaken to the higher or greater possibilities of living beyond the limits of three dimensions and translating what seems to be the ordinary into another level of considerations."

"What is Unfoldment? The ever-unfolding confirmation of the living infinite Exegesis!"