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Trained for 25 years as a classical concert pianist, Kenneth Mills encountered the major turning point in his life in 1965. Within a short space of time, he received an identical message from two entirely different sources: “You must learn to speak the Word again.”

Not understanding what this unusual message might mean, Dr. Mills realized that if he could say anything of value, it would have to come from the heart. He made a vow that he would speak if asked and otherwise would remain silent and appear like everyone else.

Soon, people from all walks of life began asking him about their deepest questions and concerns. His inspired insights became a spontaneous vocalization, which he called Unfoldment, dedicated to opening limitless possibilities for those who questioned the apparent state of affairs in their lives and in the world.

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The StarScape Singers

In 1976 Dr. Mills discovered a way to “open” singers’ voices. Working at first with an ensemble of just five singers, he soon founded what was to become the singular choral group The Star-Scape Singers. His vision for the group was clear and concise. Said Maestro Mills, “My great interest in tonal palettes was an impetus to exploring the sphere of voices set free.” Indeed this 10-voice choir was unlike anything else ever heard.

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Dr. Mills’ extensive musical training also found expression in his orchestral keyboard compositions, created on four MIDI keyboards used simultaneously. These spontaneous compositions “happened” in real time in a single performance, with each of the four keyboards set up for different instrumental sounds.

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The EarthStage Actors are dedicated to presenting the work of Dr. Kenneth Mills in a dramatic form that has been called a “theater of philosophy” and “modern-day Shakespeare.” The text for EarthStage, scripted by playwright Barry Brodie, has been gathered from Dr. Mills’ extensive library of recorded lectures.

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Art & Paintings

It was due to the encouragement he received from artist Pamela Leach that Dr. Mills first picked up a paintbrush in 1993. Although he had no formal training, it wasn’t long before he was painting several canvases a week. His paintings have been recognized for the bold use of color and an energy that seems to both embrace and challenge the viewer.

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When asked why he was drawn to fashion design, Dr. Mills always said that necessity was the mother of invention in the case of the Star-Scape Singers. Since there were six women singers, all with different shapes and sizes, needing suitable gowns for the concert stage, and no store could provide such a collection, he decided to design their dresses himself.

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Recognition & Accolades

Honorary Prime Mentor of Canada

Kenneth G. Mills was named the 1997 Honorary PRIME Mentor of Canada “for being an exemplary mentor to many appreciative protégés and for serving as a role model par excellence whom society could look up to for inspiration and guidance.

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Senate of Canada
Award of Excellence

In 1998 Dr. Mills received an Award of Excellence from the Senate of Canada “For Outstanding Achievement in Humanities, Education, Philosophy and Arts,” presented by the Honourable Stanley Haidasz, Senator and Dean Emeritus of the Canadian Parliament.

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MedArt Special Recognition Award

Kenneth G. Mills, conductor of the Star-Scape Singers, received the Special Recognition Award “for the outstanding Healing Power of his Art” at the Gala Banquet of the MedArt International 1992 World Congress in New York City.

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