Rays of Insight

“Logic and reasoning go hand-in-hand. It’s only Intuition that reveals they are inadequate.”  – Kenneth G. Mills




“A New Vision of Environment”

November 27, 2022 |

“Your body, in essence, is electric. It is the unknown garment of the Somethingness that cannot be explained.” ~ Kenneth G. Mills, “A New Vision of Environment” Coming online this Sunday, November 27, at 11:00 a.m. ET, is an opportunity to experience this profound Unfoldment™ “A New Vision of Environment.” Dr. Mills explores such ideas as energy and light, one’s…

“Your Radiant Nature”

November 5, 2022 |

“The Immaculate Conception is what you really are when you see your Self as Radiance!” ~ Kenneth G. Mills, “Your Radiant Nature” To watch the original video recording of this remarkable Unfoldment™, “Your Radiant Nature,” please join us at the Gathering Place this Sunday, November 6, at 11:00 a.m. EDT. This Spontaneous Unfoldment™ was given on Sunday morning, October 31,…

“That Infinite Quality, Love”

September 30, 2022 |

“You are Love. It’s only your thought that makes you wonder how to express it. Your very presence is Love.” ~ Kenneth G. Mills Join us online on Sunday, October 2, 2022, at 11:00 a.m. ET, to watch the original recording of this extraordinary Unfoldment™ given by Dr. Kenneth G. Mills at a Thanksgiving Wordshop in 1988, beside Sparrow Lake…

“The Elite of the Light”

September 17, 2022 |

“You did not come without a purpose, and a life on this planet in form without a purpose is an impossibility!” ~ Kenneth G. Mills, “The Elite of the Light” Join us online on Sunday, September 18 and September 25, 2022, at 11:00 a.m. EST to watch the original video recording of this powerful Spontaneous Unfoldment, “The Elite of the…

2022 Thanksgiving Wordshop

September 10, 2022 |

“What are you thankful for? Understanding? Up to a point, for the understanding comes as a result of utilizing your Teaching. You can’t be given understanding. Understanding is one of the foremost degrees earned by one who lives Teaching, because by living Teaching, your harvest is the understanding you share.” – Kenneth G. Mills, October 9, 1988 You are cordially…


The Gathering Place

Please join us at The Gathering Place each Sunday and Wednesday to view original video recordings of Spontaneous Unfoldments given by Dr. Kenneth G. Mills.
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Cataract of Light

The 14 spontaneous soliloquies in this book unfolded during a three-week summer festival in Ontario, Canada, where participants gathered to experience what Kenneth G. Mills has described as “a force field of Realignment.” Precious keys for opening the door to Self-Realization.

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  • The Gathering Place
    • October 15, 2022 - December 19, 2022
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