Kenneth G. Mills (1923-2004) was born in St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada. He began his study of music at age seven, and achieved wide recognition through 25 years of study as a classical concert pianist. Intuitively, he turned down an offer of a world concert tour in 1963, and then chose to give up concertizing altogether.

In 1965, Dr. Mills reached the major turning point in his life when he received an identical message from two entirely different sources: “You must learn to speak the Word again.”

Not understanding what this unusual message might mean, he realized that if he could say anything of value, it would have to come from the heart. He made a vow that he would speak of his inner experiences if asked, and otherwise would remain silent and appear like everyone else.

“The message threw me into a tailspin because although I was very vocal with regard to piano teaching, I was not very vocal in expressing my inner feelings and revelations to others…. I was not comfortable speaking in a large group.”

Kenneth G. Mills Memoirs

The Candy Maker’s Son, p. 191

Knowing that “I of myself can do nothing; ‘tis the Father that doeth the work,” he adopted the attitude “May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in the sight of the One Altogether Lovely” (Psalms 19:14). In his memoirs, Dr. Mills states that he remembered that statement often in the years that followed, and always said it to himself before speaking. “This is how I developed the courage to speak, for up to this point I had expressed myself primarily through my music and teaching.” (The Candy Maker’s Son, p. 191).

Very soon, people from all walks of life began asking Dr. Mills about their deepest questions and concerns. His inspired insights became a spontaneous vocalization, which he called Unfoldments. He continued as one of Canada’s foremost piano teachers and adjudicators until 1975, when some of the many people to whom he had been speaking asked him to devote full time to offering Unfoldments.

Over the next 29 years, he gave thousands of hours of recorded, spontaneous lectures, plus many meetings and interviews. Also recorded were rehearsals and performances with the internationally acclaimed choral ensemble he founded, The Star-Scape Singers. From Carnegie Hall to the great choral festivals and concert halls of Europe, Dr. Mills appeared in concert, on radio, and on television conducting these ground-breaking singers.

Kenneth Mills’ life unfolded through a deep affinity for music, education, and the arts. He also became interested in health and healing, drawing and painting, architecture, landscaping, interior design and fashion, which served as platforms for the seemingly limitless creativity he exhibited. Boundless energy, innovation, and love characterized his multifaceted creative expression, which left an indelible mark on a number of artistic disciplines.

Before his passing in October 2004, Dr. Mills produced the memoirs of his full and abundant life, which was always marked by generous and selfless sharing. The title of his memoirs, The Candy Maker’s Son, recalled his humble but love-filled beginnings.

Dr. Mills receiving MedArt Special Recognition Award

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Recognition & Accolades

Honorary Prime Mentor of Canada

Kenneth G. Mills was named the 1997 Honorary PRIME Mentor of Canada “for being an exemplary mentor to many appreciative protégés and for serving as a role model par excellence whom society could look up to for inspiration and guidance.

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Senate of Canada
Award of Excellence

In 1998 Dr. Mills received an Award of Excellence from the Senate of Canada “For Outstanding Achievement in Humanities, Education, Philosophy and Arts,” presented by the Honourable Stanley Haidasz, Senator and Dean Emeritus of the Canadian Parliament.

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MedArt Special Recognition Award

Kenneth G. Mills, conductor of the Star-Scape Singers, received the Special Recognition Award “for the outstanding Healing Power of his Art” at the Gala Banquet of the MedArt International 1992 World Congress in New York City.

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“The key to mentoring is identity. . . . A teacher is one who has the knowledge of how to do something and carries his books under his arm; a mentor is one who carries his head! If the head permeates the situation with another, the heart never has the chance to flourish.”

Kenneth G. Mills

Dr. Mills receiving the PRIME Mentor of Canada award

The above words were spoken by Kenneth G. Mills, the 1997 Honorary PRIME Mentor of Canada, during his acceptance speech at the PRIME Mentors of Canada’s Tenth Anniversary Gala at the Royal York Hotel, Toronto. Dr. Mills, noted conductor, composer, philosopher, and artist, was named as 1997 PRIME Mentor “for being an exemplary mentor to many appreciative protégés and for serving as a role model par excellence whom society could look up to for inspiration and guidance.”

The importance of mentoring was highlighted by the world premiere preview during the gala of a film portrait entitled The Rapture of Being: Three Days with Kenneth G. Mills, directed by multiple Gemini Award winner Barbara Willis Sweete of Rhombus Media. The audience was dazzled by Dr. Mills’ creativity and his ability to draw out the creative potential in his protégés, as shown in the film.