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Welcome to your portal to the vibrant legacy of Kenneth G. Mills.  Open the door to his Spontaneous Unfoldment, now available to you in audio, video, and/or researchable transcript formats.

Here, you will meet Kenneth G. Mills. Here, you will hear the Sound of his voice, which speaks to your inner Being and can give you an experience beyond his words. Here, by using our search tools within the library, you can discover the Unfoldments that most closely relate to the topics that interest you deeply.

You can view or listen to Dr. Mills’ inspiring unfolding of these topics, then study the transcripts to bring answers to the fore.

  • You will be guided by Dr. Mills to adopt the practices that can reveal the profound radiance of your true Identity.
  • You have the opportunity to listen to the fascinating rehearsals and glorious concerts of The Star-Scape Singers and can experience the tonal healing of their music.
  • You can be awakened to the spontaneous expression of your innate creativity.

The Kenneth G. Mills library had its beginning in 1968, when Dr. Mills was advised to have all of his Unfoldments recorded as they were being given. These tapes were later transcribed and edited, and mimeographed copies were distributed to those present at his lectures. As technology developed, the Unfoldments were catalogued, reviewed, and separated into various categories, and eventually translated into a digital format and uploaded into a storage system known as Presto.

Currently, there are some 900 Unfoldments in the library, ready for use.

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Stellar lectures, meetings, interviews, Star-Scape concerts and rehearsals, and more, available in three different formats.


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Unfoldments, music, interviews, and more are added regularly to give you ongoing value.

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Discover the dynamic energy of your true Identity, and be inspired to new creativity by Dr. Mills’ words and life.

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