The EarthStage Actors are dedicated to presenting the work of Dr. Kenneth Mills in a dramatic form that has been called a “theater of philosophy” and “modern-day Shakespeare.”

The text for EarthStage, scripted by playwright Barry Brodie, has been gathered from Dr. Mills’ extensive library of recorded lectures. These soliloquies bear an inherent drama that is brought out by the troupe’s dynamic staging.

The Earthstage Actors are uniquely inspired in their presentations of prose and poetry because they had the rare privilege of being directed by the author. Dr. Mills guided them in discovering and expressing the many levels of meaning hidden within the scripts. He also worked in great detail with each actor’s voice, showing that the accurate intoning of Sound can create for the listener a doorway to a totally new perspective on these most provocative, philosophical ideas.

Top row: Michael Abbott, Barry Brodie, Gregory Serdahl
Bottom row: Judith Macdonell, Lynn Small, Susan Kaplan

“You are to play great parts. How can you play a great part and have such small concepts about your Self?”

Kenneth G. Mills

Experience the Full Breadth of Dr. Mills’ Creative Genius