Lucille Joseph Interviewed on “The Stumbling Spirit”

In the podcast episode “Consciousness Composition” aired on April 28, 2024, Lucille Joseph was interviewed by Fabio Fernandes about her new book, Releasement: Learning to Dance with Life.

They explore themes of the book and Lucille’s experience of “pondering the nature of reality since she was a little girl, after encountering a glimpse of conscious awareness while on a beach in British Columbia. This unearthly experience begged the life-long question ‘Am I in the world, or is the world in me?’ This inexplicable event and existential enquiry led Lucille on a path of exploring the meaning of life and God, under the spiritual mentorship of Maestro Kenneth G. Mills. In her memoir she recounts her journey to find answers to life’s greatest mystery – consciousness. Lucille opens up about her mystical experiences and the importance of spiritual teachers, and she unveils the meaning of releasement.”

Listen now:

“A soul-stirring journey that beautifully illuminates the path to spirituality and meaning in our modern world…. This insightful book resonates deeply, providing invaluable guidance for navigating the depths of our own spiritual potential.” (Harrison Taylor, co-founder of Othership)

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