Give the Gift of Sound and Wisdom

“Hark, the herald angels sing! They announce the prophecy as planned,

For if you know how to open a gift without breaking the ribbons of the band,

You can look within the meaning and find the power and the light,

And the Present becomes the Presence, and the angels sing in delight.” (Kenneth G. Mills)


Looking for holiday gifts? The Kenneth G. Mills Foundation recommends many marvelous possibilities:

For unique renditions of favorite carols and original words and music by Maestro Kenneth G. Mills and the Star-Scape Singers:

  • The Song: The Heart of Christmas. Hear the overtones of Star-Scape soar into the vaulted heights of St. James Cathedral in Toronto, Canada, and Lausanne Cathedral in Switzerland.
  • Flame on the Hearth. Kenneth Mills and the Star-Scape Singers unroll tonal tapestries of poetry and song in celebration of the festival of Christmas. The profound poetry of Dr. Mills is united with the musical delights of Star-Scape.


The moving memoirs of Kenneth G. Mills, The Candy Maker’s Son. “From the heart of a classical pianist who listened to Music of the Spheres, his story reveals a journey of consciousness, refinement and performance so that the Great Sound of Being can resonate within each of us.” (Don Campbell, musician and author of The Mozart Effect)

A lovely pendant in silver or gold of Kenneth Mills’s monogram. Richard Franz, a jewelry designer and long-time student of Dr. Mills, has taken this beautiful flourish and conceived a necklace that reflects Dr. Mills’s boundless creativity.

Fresh publications by those who learned from Dr. Mills:

  • Inward Bound: A Journey from Sense to Soul, by Katrine Geneau. “Katrine gives us a rare glimpse into the unique and often misunderstood relationship between a Master and student. What shines most clearly from the pages is her commitment to Self-discovery.” (Victoria Friedman)
  • Wings of Wonder, poems by Robert McAlpine. “The messages and mysteries hidden amongst the cacophony of life are revealed through his poetic gift.” (Jim Hunt)
  • Coyote Wisdom Visits Brooklyn and Travels the Universe, by Mallory Blair Randle. “On the surface, these are simple tales, but they startle. They not only make you see your relationship with animals in a different, far deeper way, but also make you re-evaluate your relationship to the world.” (Michael Nill)
  • Hope, Recovery, and a New Life: A Stroke Patient’s Adventure into Freedom, by Terry Stevens. “A book of hope and possibilities, it is my own story of how something as devastating as a stroke can be turned around to be a positive outlook on life and a valuable spiritual lesson that can spur on healing that is not always possible by conventional thinking.” (Terry Stevens)

And Consider This: Commentaries, a collection of blog posts by former anchorman Rolland Smith, with a foreword by Claude Charlebois. “It is rare indeed when one has the opportunity to experience the words and critical thinking of a consummate journalist with the thoughtful sensitivity and spirituality of a poet. Such is Rolland Smith.” (Dan McCormick)

Colorful canvases by

  • Lee Bowser,
  • Jennifer Murphy,
  • Dianne Olchowy,
  • Tish Smith,

Or give the gift of a gift: donate on behalf of a recipient to support the Kenneth G. Mills Foundation.

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