Express your gratitude with a donation

To express gratitude and to offer praise

Reduces the suggestion of your mentality being the rage.

It allows you to be freed from the considerations that this is ‘mine,’

And in the praise and gratitude offered, it releases unto you the feeling of the Presence of the Invisible, the Unknown, the Divine!”

~ Kenneth G. Mills

The year 2021 has been a gift! The Kenneth G. Mills Foundation has expanded the reach of Dr. Mills’s Unfoldments™ through the online Gathering Place as well as the Summer Festival and Thanksgiving and Easter Wordshops.

We are grateful for Dr. Mills’s foresight in recording the Unfoldments™, which are now accessible in the Foundation’s library, our “Treasury of Light.” Because of your support and that of a regiment of skilled volunteers, a major thrust is underway to make sure that the recordings (audio and/or video) and transcripts for each of some 270 Unfoldments™, a portion of the “core library,” are accurate and match. This particular project is scheduled to be completed early in 2022. Many other types of work in the core library are continuing.

Additionally, a professional design firm has been engaged to update the Foundation’s website, making it easier to use and extending Dr. Mills’s work to digital communities around the world.

The Foundation seeks your generous support as it moves these vital projects forward. You can help us meet our 2021 goal of $65,000 in donations. Recurring donations are welcome – they assist us in planning for the year to come.

Please note that Canadian donations are tax deductible. (Donations from those in other countries are not.)

To contribute, please go to our Donations page. There you will see three options: General, Library, and Legacy Fund.

  • General supports the many-faceted, daily operations of the Foundation.
  • Library directly supports the ongoing work toward completing the core library.
  • Legacy Fund is an interest-bearing account intended to keep the library available beyond our time.

Whichever option you choose, see it as your offering to Love’s work.

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