What You’ll Experience

The Kenneth G. Mills Foundation sponsors virtual communities which combine those who worked with Dr. Mills during his lifetime  and those who never met him.  Together we explore and practice the viability of living Self-realization now!

What is necessary in a viable self-realization program?

You are never going to “get” Self-realization, because it is an impossible thing to “get”. The only thing you do is get rid of all the thoughts that would say that Self-realization is not the natural state of Being. No man living, no person living can give you Self-realization; Self-realization IS!

Dr. Kenneth G. Mills, The Basics Book, Section 2


Taking courage to work with who and what we are and how we create our own experience.


One aligning one to the purpose of the Wisdom Teaching which is to perceive you are in essence your own sovereign sitting on the throne of Being bearing a commitment to Purpose, Promise and Praise.


The joy of working with others and experiencing synergy. Sharing of ideas, supporting, and assisting each other.

Our community panels for 2023 are filling fast and we invite you to join us today!