“You Have to Jump”

“Your dynamism, your vitality, your drama is in keeping with your level of attainment. Do you realize that Consciousness reveals itself in the dynamism of everything you do?”

Kenneth G. Mills, “You Have to Jump”

Please join us online on Sunday, July 25, at 11:00 a.m. ET to view the original recording of “You Have to Jump.”

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Dr. Kenneth Mills gave this Spontaneous Unfoldment on Sunday morning, July 2, 1989, at Sun-Scape Inn, Sparrow Lake, Muskoka, Ontario. It was later published in Out of the Blue, which is available for purchase on Amazon.ca or Amazon.com.

There is no charge to watch this profound lecture. To register and receive the Zoom link, email [email protected].

A transcript and video recording of this Unfoldment can also be found in the online library, where you may discover numerous other exceptional Unfoldments as well. To explore the library, click to subscribe (the first 30 days are free.)

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