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. . . to join us on Thursday, February 15, at 8:00 p.m. EST to enjoy a free online Introduction to the Spontaneous Unfoldments™ of Dr. Kenneth G. Mills!

You will be treated to a number of video recordings of Dr. Mills sharing some of his most important insights. Webinar hosts will offer pointers to help you get started in exploring Dr. Mills’s remarkable legacy.


If you have already registered, thank you! Now is a good time to give this gift to your friends as well by forwarding this post to them or, better yet, directing them to the Kenneth G. Mills Foundation website (, where they can browse as well as register.

An international team, all directors of the foundation, will facilitate the webinar:

Steve Mack is the president of the foundation, and also of Rings of Wood, a high-end, custom woodworking enterprise. He will be participating from Tucson, Arizona. Gregory Serdahl is an entrepreneur, business owner, and holistic health professional, and will join the webinar from New York City. Katrine Geneau is an executive coach and published author from Toronto, Canada. She lives part-time in Mazatlán, Mexico, and will be hosting the webinar from there.

Rolland Smith, an Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist, recorded interviews with Dr. Mills on several occasions. Part of one of these videos will be played during the webinar. In opening his interview, Mr. Smith said, “What you are about to see is extraordinary; it is not only a conversation with Kenneth G. Mills, it is a communication with a Messenger from the Source.”

Don’t miss the opportunity to see and hear this conversation and so much more on February 15!



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