You are invited to participate in the 2017 Summer Festival of Presence from July 16 to July 21 at the Briars Resort, Jackson’s Point, Ontario.

Come and revel in the wonder of the Word! Watch rare original video footage of Spontaneous Unfoldments™ given by Dr. Kenneth G. Mills. Engage in guided inquiry and consider the unique, life-changing perspectives contained within each of these profound messages.

Discover Meaning

The festival this year celebrates ideas such as sound, word, and meaning: How high can you soar in the exalted sound of The Fire Mass revisited? Who is the Fool, really, and what is he uttering? What does meaning mean, in Unfoldment and in life? There will be poetry and “open mike”; good conversation and fellowship with old friends and new; swimming, hiking and yoga; study in the stillness of the morning. Here is your opportunity!

Look at Everything in a New Way

“Looking at everything in a new way brings the meaning which is a component of the higher awareness. It brings greater meaning in everything you do” (Kenneth G. Mills, The Cornucopia of Substance, pp. 89–90).

Click here to register and secure your place by May 1.

What Some of Last Year’s Participants Say

“The week provided a rich variety of experiences to remind us of our spiritual Identity as expressed through the best of our humanity.” (GN)

“The naturalness of the Festival allowed breathing room and an opportunity to support each other and experience our purpose for being here.” (TS)

“Ever present was the foundational fact of true Identity.” (AW)

The Whole Point of Coming Together

“How can any coming together be of significance if those who are participating remain in the same mental state in which they came? The whole point of coming together is at the root of unification, and this unification is the natural tendency of the spiritual side of life to bring order to experience.

“You have responded to an inner demand, which has appeared perhaps as an invitation to sit for a moment and to consider your impersonal nature and your great offering – through the perception of the course of Truth that is before you but does not lie before you. It establishes the direct approach to the magic of giving the world back to the arms of Love” (Kenneth G. Mills, The Candy Maker’s Son, pp. 317–18).

Respond to that invitation, that call, this summer, and discover the magic!




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