Why is mankind struggling?

In these days of apparent divisiveness, one can appreciate the wisdom of the Canadian philosopher and universalist Dr. Kenneth G. Mills. From his standpoint of Oneness, all-inclusiveness, and unconditional Love, he declared:

Grand Teton National Park

Kenneth G. Mills, “Grand Teton National Park”

“Whoever taught you to divide the races up, because they looked differently, into something you would know not, when they are a figment of your own imagination? How can you ever be content with saying, ‘That race is Chinese, that race is Japanese, that race is German, this race is American, this race is Russian’? You don’t. That is the way you separate. If you drum up the suggestion that people are different, and create nations out of the differences, you are giving yourselves borders to cross.

“In the Light of the Infinite, Man is Man (and that includes men and women), but in the light of a prejudiced, contaminated teaching, there are differences. The whole point of differences is to allow each and every one to see the footsteps of each race developing a sense of individuation. It is this sense of individuation that we misconstrue and limit with borders!

“We forget that mankind is struggling to get through the crevice of sophisticated intellectual attainment and move into the grandeur of an emancipated awareness.” (Kenneth G. Mills, June 22, 2002)

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