Why are the arts so important?

“Why are the arts such as music so important?

They attune man to a Harmonic Presence within himself

that is more Real than the poundage that goes with this time-space continuum.”

~ Kenneth G. Mills, “Green Stuff”

On Sunday, November  22, 2020, at 11:00 a.m. ET,  hear what Dr. Kenneth G. Mills reveals about music, the arts, and creativity,  in “Green Stuff,” a spontaneous lecture or Unfoldment given in Connecticut in 1992. It was subsequently published as a chapter in The Key: Identity.

Join us online at the Gathering Place. See the schedule here. To register and obtain the Zoom link, contact [email protected],

“During the course of my lifetime I have come to know many great men, leaders of nations, giants of the worlds of music, of medicine, of religion and of higher education. Never in my days have I met a persona the likes of Kenneth Mills. The various descriptors of ‘poet,’ ‘author,’ ‘artist,’ ‘musician,’ ‘conductor’ and ‘teacher’ cannot adequately define the presence of the communicator and the creative spirituality that pervades his powerful yet calm soul.”

~ William D. Riley, DMA

This spontaneous talk will also be the subject of a sharing evening on Wednesday, November 25, at 8:00 p.m. ET (unless otherwise announced).

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