What’s Happening at the Summer Festival This Year?

“The Summer Festival [is] the time set aside for rejoicing in the freedom from the mundane activities and their enticement to the realm of mediocrity. It has always been one accelerating series of spiritual arousal and, consequently, the obvious altering of each and every one according to his or her state of resignation to the Empowerment bestowed from above. It is a period for conceiving conception unconfined so that in the overview the world is seen in the Light of infinite possibilities and held once again in the arms of Love.” (Kenneth G. Mills)

An abundance of powerful offerings is being planned to enrich the short but invaluable time set aside for the 2019 Summer Festival of Light, Sound, and Peace: Celebrating Presence. The festival will take place this year between Sunday afternoon, July 14, and Friday noon, July 19, at The Briars Resort in Jackson’s Point, Ontario. Here is a sample of some of the ideas being developed:

  • Enjoy “Thunder Talks” (new this year): 7-minute presentations relevant to participants’ discoveries of what matters most, what is inspirational, innovative, useful, humorous or controversial. Multimedia elements may be included.
  • Visit the exceptional year of 1989, which Dr. Mills called “the year of purification.” Members of the Foundation’s Content Committee will be offering a glimpse into some of the jewel tones given by the maestro, in anticipation of a book of Spontaneous Unfoldments™ that is currently being prepared for publication.
  • Share new, life-changing realizations that have come to you as a result of Dr. Mills’s teachings. Excerpts from “I Have Overcome the World” and other Unfoldments™ will set the stage for two sessions.
  • Explore The Candy Maker’s Son: Memoirs of Kenneth G. Mills in depth and offer the realizations that have dawned while engaging the stories of his life.
  • Take an expedition into the realm of Sound and music.
  • Study No Master Is a Memory to examine living Mastership.
  • Admire artwork by associates during an art show to be hosted by The Briars for one afternoon. Art will be available for sale.
  • Offer your poetry or other creations during “open mic” at dinner (dessert time).

Register today to reap the benefits of this year’s rich program and the warm fellowship that accompanies it.

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