What the Foundation’s Library Holds for You

“You will come to see after I have left the plane that what I have said is more true than you ever dreamed, because the simplicity with which it is said belies the Power that really is behind the simplicity.” (Kenneth G. Mills)

The simplicity, the Power, is now accessible to you in hundreds of lectures, called Spontaneous Unfoldments,™ as well as music of The Star-Scape Singers, anytime you wish. Just go to the website of the Kenneth G. Mills Foundation and subscribe to the library there. What are you looking for?

At a recent gathering, viewers were very moved by the video of Dr. Mills’s Unfoldment titled “The Tonal Effect.” It includes such gems as:

“Don’t believe any limitation. It was never meant to be accepted by one awake. . . . Limitation is usually the unfulfilled condition due to innate lethargy to transcend suggestion.” (Kenneth G. Mills)

This Unfoldment is available in the online library to watch again and also to read in a transcript, and can be found by making a title search.

Dr. Mills’s profound wisdom is within reach! To find what you are looking for in the library, sign up today and you will receive a free 30-day trial:

  • Go to the website of the Kenneth G. Mills Foundation.
  • Along the top of the page you will see “Library.” Click on it, and you will see a drop-down menu. Click on “Subscribe to Library.” Or go direct.
  • Choose your subscription period: monthly or yearly.
  • Click on “Sign Up Now.”
  • When you view your shopping cart on the right side of the page, click on “Checkout” and follow the prompts for setting up your account and subscribing to the library.

Once you have entered the online library, you may wish to start in the “Browse Subscriber Listings” at the top left of the screen. There you will find sections devoted to Summer Festivals, Unfoldments from publications, Star-Scape concerts, and more. For example:

Selections for Newcomers: “Perhaps I’ll start here. Let’s see what I might watch so I can learn more about what Dr. Kenneth Mills is saying.”

Books: “I’ve read this Unfoldment in The Cornucopia of Substance several times because I like it so much. I wonder what it sounds like.”

The home page of the library contains instructions for doing searches by Unfoldment date or title.  You can also search by key words and phrases; this type of search calls up a list of all the Unfoldments that contain those words.

Savour the library of the thousands of hours of recorded material given by Dr. Kenneth Mills! More Unfoldments are uploaded regularly.

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