What is an Unfoldment?

People from every walk of life sought out Dr. Kenneth Mills to ask about their deepest questions and concerns. From 1968 to 2004 he gave over 30,000 hours of spontaneous lectures called Unfoldments or Spontaneous Unfoldments. In his lectures Dr. Mills offers a message for mankind, exploring the ideas of individuality, Identity, and the force of Love. For a society that seems to have lost sight of the purpose of an Ideal, he offers the vision of a “Star-Hero.”

His poems were also spontaneously created. Many were given during lectures or rehearsals or in his day-to-day activities.  When Kenneth Mills was asked why he chose the title Surprises for his first formal publication of poems, he simply said, “Well, it has always been a surprise to me that I could ever give a poem!” Kenneth Mills did not write poetry at all. He spoke it, and what’s more, he spoke it spontaneously. The current of inspiration that he rode while speaking poetry was so tangible to him that it was simply there all the time. A poem could come forth during a lecture or a rehearsal, while he was in the car or walking on the beach. It is no surprise what such poetry can do, but it is astonishing beyond measure when it is suddenly done!

Dr. Mills described the Unfoldment™ in many of his lectures, and his descriptors were always unique for the moment in which they were given.  The following are a few examples:

“My life has been one, hopefully, that could lead you to find the Key that would erase your robotization and would allow you to perceive your True Identity.” 

“The Unfoldment is nothing but a Lecture that is given so that your awareness may be attuned to a Sound Frequency which gives you an opportunity to find a Sound Vestment that will walk with you through every day and every moment, as the evidence of the eternal button of Truth starts to glow within the chakra of your heart and within the crown of rejoicing, as man walks over the rainbow bridge of the Covenant: I will never leave you comfortless and I will always find a way to be at hand bearing the practicality of the wonder of the visible and the Invisible coincidence.”

“What is Unfoldment? The ever-unfolding confirmation of the living infinite Exegesis!” 

“The Unfoldment is intended to lift the listeners to an altitude in awareness that they can savour the aroma of the free spirit of Light and be awakened to their possibilities and thus radiate the power and beauty of wholeness involuntarily as the discipline of a higher Order than we encounter in an everyday world. The listener then lives and offers a doorway to those who are looking for the meaning of their lives, and the elevation achieved as Life reveals its own Universal being, harmony and wonder.”

Dr. Mills’s lectures, poetry, and drama have been published in books, CDs, and tapes. Visit the online store for detailed information and reviews. Also, please watch Introduction to the Unfoldment.