Read a Spontaneous Unfoldment™

“The Beauty Unfoldment,” a Spontaneous Unfoldmentby Kenneth G. Mills

Given on Friday evening, January 21, 1977, in Toronto, Canada.
Published in the book The Key: Identity, also available in our store as audio CD chapters and for digital audio download.

When each of us opens the mind to behold a moment of beauty, perhaps in the guise of a cherished object or friend, it is like being graced by the fragrance of a magical presence. A wonder-filled intoxication suddenly causes everything to fade save what we love and worship as beautiful. Thoughts subside and float peacefully in the gentle wake of the attention that is captured and carried like a babe into itself to revel. . .and reveal. We are at peace, at one with ourselves, and the heart sings in recognition.


“Choice Words,” a Spontaneous Unfoldment by Kenneth G. Mills

Given on February 15, 1995.
Published in the book Change Your Standpoint ~ Change Your World, also available in our store as audio CD chapters and for digital audio download.

You are about to read a score from what could be termed “the Symphony of Soul,” and you will know that you have a part to play in the orchestra of Light by the very nature of your inner response to the chordal structure.


“Be Still,” a Spontaneous Unfoldment™ by Kenneth G. Mills

Given on October 16, 1968.
Published in the book A Word Fitly Spoken.

Dr. Mills begins with this statement; “The past is nothing but a dream to the Now, and the value of any dream is in the waking up from it.” Then later in the Unfoldment™ he states; “In the growing awareness of right identification will be the fulfillment of the present incarnation.” Provocative insights into life and living!