About The Kenneth G. Mills Foundation

“This is an adventure to restore the unlimited possibilities of attainment, so that others may realize that Reality and an Ideal are ever at hand to sustain such an accomplishment in the world.” – Kenneth G. Mills


The Kenneth G. Mills Foundation is dedicated to the living legacy of the words and works of Dr. Kenneth G. Mills, offering the radiant presence of unlimited possibilities for each and every one.

“The purpose of this unfolding path is to reawaken in man the glory of his own essence, thus the Divine Self cognizing its own Allness.” – Kenneth G. Mills

What We Do

The scope of the Foundation’s activities includes the support of projects specific to the works of Dr. Mills and the advancement of the education and careers of young musicians, artists, dancers, and writers.

“The Education of tomorrow will bring before the public the need to reach a way of alignment to a universal Pitch of all-inclusiveness.” – Kenneth G. Mills

Each year the Foundation presents workshops at Easter and Thanksgiving and a week-long seminar in the summer. These events feature the words and works of Dr. Mills as well as various guest artists, poets, speakers, and performers.

About Us

The Foundation was originally established by Dr. Kenneth G. Mills in 1980. Upon his passing in 2004 he bequeathed to the Foundation his archival library of recorded lectures and musical performances, as well as the collection of his art and fashions.

The Kenneth G. Mills Foundation is a membership organization that is governed by an elected board of directors. Funding for the Foundation’s activities comes from membership fees, donations, and events.

Contact Us

President: Gregory Serdahl  president@kgmfoundation.org
Treasurer: Michael Abbott  treasurer@kgmfoundation.org
Secretary: Katrine Geneau  secretary@kgmfoundation.org


The Kenneth G. Mills Foundation
P.O. Box 790, Station F
Toronto, Ontario M4Y 2N7, Canada
Tel: 416-410-0453 or 1-800-437-1454
Email: info@kgmfoundation.org