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2018 Summer Festival of Light, Sound, and Peace

By Mary Joy Leaper “A number of years have passed since I last participated in a Summer Festival. This year I was able to be there once more. I thought that I knew what to expect, but to my surprise I was wrong. It is like opening your jewelry box, thinking that you know what…

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Winners of the Kenneth G. Mills Poetry and Singer-Songwriter Prizes

Buzzing with anticipation, Heliconian Hall in Toronto was packed with prize finalists and their families and friends on the evening of May 5, 2018. Students gave exuberant performances of their poems and songs, and the Kenneth G. Mills Foundation presented the Kenneth G. Mills Poetry and Singer-Songwriter Prizes. High school, college, and university students had…

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Give the Gift of Sound and Wisdom

“Hark, the herald angels sing! They announce the prophecy as planned, For if you know how to open a gift without breaking the ribbons of the band, You can look within the meaning and find the power and the light, And the Present becomes the Presence, and the angels sing in delight.” (Kenneth G. Mills)…

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