Submit Your Works Today for the 2019 Kenneth G. Mills Poetry and Singer-Songwriter Awards

The Kenneth G. Mills Poetry and Singer-Songwriter Awards, now in their third year, can be won by City of Toronto students in school, college, or university for fine poetry and songwriting. The prizes are offered to encourage and recognize the talent and creativity of young people.

The three themes this year are Friendship, Revelation, and Miracle. The judges will be looking for originality and freshness of ideas, perspectives, and presentation. In connection with each theme, students may be inspired by the following considerations of Dr. Mills:

Friendship is based on constancy, friendship is based on knowing your neighbour because you know your name, your Self, and that is how the world should come to terms with difference. [In music] D sounds totally different than C, and E sounds totally different than D. F sounds totally different than C, D, or E, but they all get along beautifully because each one bears a uniqueness that can form a scale that is so agreeable to the ear that you call it a major one of delight.” (Kenneth G. Mills)

“A revelation is not describing anew something old; it is revealing an aspect of what is old in the Light of Timeless Reality.” (Kenneth G. Mills)

Miracle is the lessening of objective confinement.” (Kenneth G. Mills)

Dr. Kenneth G. Mills (1923–2004) was an accomplished poet, composer, conductor, and metaphysician. During his lifetime he published four volumes of poetry (what he described as “word paintings”), and many of his poems were set to music and performed by the a cappella ensemble the Star-Scape Singers at Carnegie Hall in New York and throughout North America, Europe, and the (then) U.S.S.R.

Students have the opportunity to win a cash prize and to perform their work at the awards gala (details of date and location to come).

First, second, and third prizes (totalling $1,700 in each category) will be awarded to students in the following categories:

Poetry – high school students

Poetry – college and university students

Singer-Songwriter – public school, high school, college, and university students

For an application form and the rules for submissions, please visit Entries must be submitted by March 15, 2019.

If you know any young poets and singer-songwriters who study in Toronto, please share this announcement with them.

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