Robyn Cheng’s Blossoming Talent

Robyn Lianne Cheng, a violist at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, is this year’s recipient of the Kenneth G. Mills Scholarship. She recently gave a recital at the Temerty Theatre as partial fulfilment of the requirements for a Glenn Gould School bachelor of music in the performance (honours) program.

The great variety of her recital program on April 1, 2024, showcased her blossoming talent already in her second year of RCM studies. The first two works were performed solo on her viola. The third, a “Lament for Two Violas” by Frank Bridge, was a beautiful piece of harmony with fellow violist Tristan Macaggi. After the intermission there was an extraordinary performance, by Robyn on viola and Colin Chang on piano, of a sonata in B-flat major, composed by Henri Vieuxtemps. The final work, “Kegelstatt Trio” by Mozart, was a lively blend of viola, piano, and clarinet.

The enthusiastic audience of students and adults gave Robyn a rousing acknowledgment of her performance. Afterwards, Robyn herself was delighted to greet a board member of the Kenneth G. Mills Foundation and in a subsequent email said: “I would like to express my deepest gratitude for your support in coming to my recital yesterday evening. It truly means a lot to me seeing wonderful friends and family together in one room.”

This year Robyn has performed in two viola masterclasses, three Royal Conservatory Orchestra concerts, and received the good news that she was accepted again in the National Youth Orchestra of Canada’s program.

She wrote to the Foundation: “Collaborating with my peers, preparing for upcoming recitals and practicing challenging pieces – the privilege of working towards greater heights would not be possible without your generous support and will always be deeply appreciated.”

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