Rediscovery of the Music of the Spheres

Ivan Semeniuk of the Globe and Mail reported on May 10 that astronomers have discovered a musical link to the survival of a newly discovered solar system: “Some 2,500 years ago, the ancient Greek thinker Pythagoras pondered the ‘music of the spheres’ – the notion that the orbital periods of celestial objects like the moon and the planets represent a mathematical harmony that is equivalent to a pleasing sound. Now astronomers at the University of Toronto have gone one step further, showing that the same idea may be the secret behind the survival of a distant solar system that scientists say could be a viable candidate in the search for life beyond Earth.”

In October 1968, Canadian philosopher and metaphysician Kenneth G. Mills said in his lecture titled “Be Still”:

“Claim your heritage, claim your legacy, and be still. In this stillness may you enjoy the rhythmic harmony of Being at-One with the Music of the Spheres. The Universe of Mind and of God-Man is a harmonious one in which are played, in a harmonically balanced and rhythmic way, the various themes and tunes that are easily identifiable. These ‘tunes,’ or resounding, ageless Truths, will never lose their identity in the creation of man, his church, or the universe. In this understanding of creation as it IS and not as it seems to be lies your freedom, your health, and your wealth. It’s the same old story of Truth in all its glory. You and only you will write the final cadence.”

This lecture in its entirety can be found in the book A Word Fitly Spoken available here.


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