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Where Your Money Goes:

The Foundation’s purpose is to preserve and disseminate the words and works of Dr. Kenneth G. Mills. The scope of the Foundation’s activities includes the support of projects specific to the works of Dr. Mills and the advancement of the education and careers of musicians, artists, dancers, and writers.



Where Your Money Goes:

General:  These donations cover the day-to-day operating expenses of the Foundation, as well as its sponsorship grants and other special programs.

Library:  These donations support the upkeep and enlargement of the Foundation’s online library, which fulfills the Foundation’s primary purpose of preserving and disseminating Dr. Mills’s vast body of work.

The Kenneth G. Mills Legacy Fund:  These donations will go into an interest-bearing fund with the intention of maintaining the online library beyond the lifetimes of those who knew Dr. Mills. The fund’s goal amount of $500,000 should yield enough interest annually to cover the costs of preserving and maintaining the online library indefinitely.

Kenneth G. Mills Foundation Mission:

The Kenneth G. Mills foundation which is dedicated to the living legacy of the words and works of Dr. Kenneth G. Mills, offering the radiant presence of unlimited possibilities for each and every one.

“The purpose of this the Unfolding Path is to reawaken in man the glory of his own essence, thus the Divine Self cognizing its own Allness.” – Kenneth Mills

The Kenneth G. Mills Foundation is a registered Canadian charitable organization. When you donate $20 or more, you will receive a charitable tax receipt. Revenue Canada Business Identification (Canadian Charity Registration Number): 11908-6817 RR0001