Our Scholarship Goal Has Been Met!

Thanks to the collaborative effort of the Kenneth G. Mills Foundation, its members and nonmembers alike, and the added boost from a generous, anonymous donor, the $50,000 goal set for funding the Kenneth G. Mills Scholarship has been met! The scholarship at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto is now endowed in perpetuity.

Each year from now on, this scholarship will enable a promising young music student to advance his or her studies at the Glen Gould School of the RCM.

“My expectation for the young performers is that they achieve, via their music, a re-connection with the Soul of universal significance. With this music achieved, may a harmonic basis of life be established by the young musicians – and mature musicians – so that men and women will once again have access to the intuitive prompting to live in the realm of Wonder and its unconditional Love exemplified in the constant newness in the act of performance.” (Kenneth G. Mills)

At this year’s Summer Festival the board of directors announced that an additional $24,000 was needed to fund the scholarship and offered a 2:1 match. Within a few weeks the goal was reached!

The Foundation wishes to thank everyone who made the Kenneth G. Mills Scholarship possible.

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