Objectives of the Foundation


The following objectives were given by Dr.Kenneth G. Mills in 1972:


– To free man from beliefs that would bind so that he may obtain his freedom as the Son of God.

– To enable man to actively support all that is in keeping with the high ideals of man’s ethical standards of attitude and conduct.

– To adopt the attitude commensurate with the ideals which have been passed from generation to generation.

– To be actively polishing the sharp edge of Truth commensurate with the high ideals which have been passed from generation to generation.

– To sponsor an attitude of spontaneous acceptance, upon realization of man’s undivided nature, of those of the world picture of different nationalities, races and creeds.

– To provide a platform of thought, word, and deed commensurate with a power of deific proportions worshipped religiously, intellectually perceived, and philosophically embraced due to metaphysical understanding of the power which has been named the Christ, or the Grace of the Unknowable causing man to search for his own divine Self.

– To usher in to the appearance of an age a banner bearing the unseen symbol but one promised when man might walk into the brotherhood of man.

– To polish with love the tarnished edges and circumference of the rod which bears the rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” and see the power that can cause the mountains of doubt to move into the sea.

– And to expose to analytical thought a premise or modus operandi which will enable man to arrive at a synthesis and find the promised legacy of generation to generation satisfied in experiencing peace, joy, health, harmony and a universal community due to a universal cosmic viewpoint.