Now Watch “Out of the Blue”!


Now available in the online library of the Kenneth G. Mills Foundation: the original video recordings of Dr. Kenneth G. Mills giving the 1989 talks that were released last November in book form! You can hear his resonant tones and experience the dynamism of his presence as his profound insights unfold in response to spoken and unspoken questions present in the room.

To view the Out of the Blue talks, click here.

Membership in the Kenneth G. Mills Foundation includes access to the library. Non-members can subscribe today and receive a free 30-day trial!

Read with your eyes, but listen with the waxing of your ears; then you will perceive that the Sound is the garment weaving an attraction for you to follow the Radiance to its Source.” Kenneth G. Mills

“The words that flow as the spontaneous Unfoldments of Kenneth G. Mills are an awakening force, directly affecting us through their beauty, poetics, and tonality to realize the wonder of who we are.” Victoria Friedman, Co-founder of Vistar

“The Unfoldments, shared through his remarkable streaming of consciousness, are deeply rooted in profound subjects such as creativity, freedom, focus, life purpose, and the Art of Being.” Kathy Mason, President, Mason Works

“Melodic rhythms and words of meaning transform and ascend, opening your heart as you go beyond the mind, to the awe of the divinity of our true nature.” Deborah Ross, Vice-President, Shiseido Makeup



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