New Publication – “No Master Is a Memory”!

New Unfoldment by Kenneth G. Mills

“The memory of a Master is never in question,

for the memory of a Master is known

as the presence of living Truth.”

– Kenneth G. Mills

The Kenneth G. Mills Foundation announces the release of a new DVD, No Master Is a Memory, a Spontaneous Unfoldment™ given by Dr. Kenneth G. Mills on Christmas Eve, 1983. In this recorded lecture Dr. Mills addresses with great force the ideas of the presence and nowness of Mastership and its gifts; the purpose of the High Teaching; why Jesus wept; why the Way is a manger; and the climate of the Crêche, to name a few. Included in the accompanying booklet is a special Christmas wish expressed by Dr. Mills in 2001.

The DVD runs for 64 minutes and can be purchased in the online store at as a DVD ($25) or a download ($15).

In a time of tumultuous change, the clear voice of this Canadian philosopher renews hope for the future.

“We are moving into an age where Dr. Mills’s knowledge and teaching will become a tool for survival.” (Eugene Watts, The Canadian Brass)

“Kenneth G. Mills is an inspiration. His life and very being carry the quality of evolving humanity. He draws us inward, forward and upward to realize our full potential selves.” (Barbara Marx Hubbard)

“What is your greatest gift?

Activity without the limiting leash of ‘you.’”

– Kenneth G. Mills

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