“Neutral Buoyancy”

“Every pattern that is laid in the electrical wave of time is there as the evidence of Force that is creative. It can be held in suspension or brought out of suspension according to the utilization of the will and its determination. The Will, like the Soul, is in your hands.”

~ Kenneth G. Mills, “Neutral Buoyancy”

Please join us at the Gathering Place this Sunday, February 27, at 11:00 a.m. ET, to listen to the Unfoldment™ “Neutral Buoyancy.”

There is no charge for this event. Just send an email to [email protected] to register and obtain the Zoom link.

This Unfoldment™ was given by Dr. Kenneth G. Mills on April 1, 1990, in Ardsley-on-Hudson, New York. It is approximately 45 minutes in length. Our gathering will open promptly at 11:00 a.m.

“Neutral Buoyancy” was subsequently published in The Golden Nail, a book of Dr. Mills’s Unfoldments released in 1991. You will also find the recording and transcript of “Neutral Buoyancy” in the Foundation’s online library, where you may discover numerous exceptional Unfoldments. To explore the library, click to subscribe (the first 30 days are free.)

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