With Kenneth Mills in the Chiricahuas

By Blair Randle

What are the Chiricahua Mountains? They are in an extraordinary area, now a national park, about 2 hours east of Tucson, Arizona, filled with myriad tall granite spires rising from forested chasms among rolling, jagged mountains, formerly inhabited by the Chiricahua Apache tribe, led by the great warrior Cochise. And Kenneth G. Mills often took workshops groups there.

Photo by Zereshk, Wiki Commons

Just after recently hearing his soliloquy given in the Chiricahuas in May 1981, I found myself listening to a section of an Italian opera. I realized that it was an appropriate denouement to hearing this amazing Unfoldment, which is also in another language and thoroughly musical.

In it, Mr. Mills plays with the English language, with his surroundings, the winds, his hands, his face, those present, his hair, the alphabet. He waves at the beginning of the video, speaks of topographical waves in the surrounding landscape during the lecture, and waves at the last moment as he leads his party away.

It is a lighthearted performance throughout, evidencing his pleasure with how the Wordshop had gone and offering a treat to the participants – and now to us, thanks to the video recording.

The Unfoldment is electrical. Mr. Mills once said that he had come at this time because the Unfoldment could be recorded electronically. We are an electrical force field. So it is, upon our hearing it, a spontaneous Unfoldment, not limited by time, and only garmented as a recording. It is direct!

In the Chiricahua Mountains he says:

“Our feet have walked  

Not on these pleasant plains of pastures green, 

But they have walked upon the trail that men have made  

In this national parkland beyond your dreams.” 


“It’s been a lovely few minutes in this unusual place between heaven and earth and the wonders – and yet, what a wonder!

He concludes: “That’ll be fun for people to see in Toronto. [To the videographer:] Do you think it’s been shot all right? Then it’s alive and well!”

Here is something else of importance, brand new, especially for those who never met Dr. Mills or visited him in Arizona. It’s something we haven’t dwelt upon before (exciting!), and it stems from a comment he made to me in Arizona. He made it at a time when he knew that his sacred property, Arinaka, was about to pass out of his hands. He knew how much I loved it, and he said, “All that Arinaka is, you will always have.” He was, of course, speaking of one’s conscious experience and the realizations that have come from that experience. I truly do have it, as I am now, and it is free to be shared with any and all. Thoroughly inspired, augmented, and sustained by Mr. Mills’s incredibly live presence in these Tucson Unfoldments, this year’s Easter Wordshop promises a huge benefit to all who partake of it.

You might have thought you had missed the boat by not having actually met Kenneth Mills or been with him in Arizona. Not true! The experience is still our living legacy. And that includes the lives of newcomers as well. Your own authentic inspiration by his words and works makes you likewise a fount of blessing to all.

So, I heartily encourage each and every one to thirstily approach this Wordshop, these springs in the desert, for all you can ask and receive from it. This phenomenon is available to all.

The only requirement is, as always: one has to ask. And you may do that by registering for the Wordshop here: https://www.kgmfoundation.org/events/2022-online-easter-wordshop/

I’ve heard this video recording of Mr. Mills in the Chiricahuas at least three times. I can’t wait to see what happens this time! See you online on April 15 and 17.

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  1. Robert McAlpine on April 15, 2022 at 10:26 am

    A beguilingly eloquent and mysticaly intriguing invitation!
    Thank you so much.

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