The purpose of this incarnation

“How is it that I seem to have a Beingness and yet seem to be nothing but surfing this life stream of world-living?”

For a unique opportunity to hear answers to this question, on March 7 and March 14, 2021, at 11:00 a.m. EST, watch a spontaneous lecture given by Canadian metaphysician Dr. Kenneth G. Mills. It was originally recorded in June 2001 at Hockley Valley Resort, Ontario, Canada, and is still extremely relevant today.

“With the mesmerism of television, the lack of proper education, and the demise of commitment and responsibility to a higher purpose and meaning in life, we find ourselves on the byways of time and seldom on the high way of our intention and our purpose, which we have considered, knowing that we have incarnated for a purpose.” (K.G. Mills)

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