Ted Hallman and the Scintillating World of Vibration

American master weaver Ted Hallman, inspired by the music of the Star-Scape Singers, collaborated with their conductor, Kenneth G. Mills, to create an extraordinary series of tapestries that suggest the subtle color nuances of sunrises. Ted skillfully embraced his passion for music through exploration in woven form, capturing the very timbre of music through the use of color hue, tone, value, and brilliance, a metaphorical relationship that provides a very visceral experience for the viewer.

“Ted Hallman is a true original, a visionary whose fiber art fuses the palette and luminosity of Monet with the geometry and vibrancy of kinetic art. It is ecstatic song manifesting as a tapestry of pure color, multi-dimensional texture, and light. His work has a European refinement that can be traced to his studies in Fontainebleau (France) with painter Jacques Villon and Nadia Boulanger, one of the twentieth century’s greatest teachers of music” (Robert Kyr, PhD, Philip H. Knight Professor of Music, University of Oregon; internationally known composer, writer, filmmaker).

In the following documentary Ted Hallman speaks about his techniques and how he was inspired by Dr. Mills (whom he met in 1975 in Berkeley, California) and the music of the Star-Scape Singers in his creation of Sunrise Twills with Titles. Kenneth Mills spontaneously gave poetic titles for each weaving, such as “The Crimson Flame in the Rhythm of Blue,” “The Parched Earth,” and “The Point of the Willow Is to Bend and Blend.”

“The interlocking yarns brilliantly capture the scintillating world of vibration. It is a gift for us all to contemplate this exhibit a second time, perhaps to study the technique or to gaze softly and inhale deeply” (Pamela Turczyn, visionary artist and textile designer, New York City).

The series was exhibited at the Royal Ontario Museum and toured 22 North American venues, including the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC. Ted’s work has recently been accepted into the Hermitage State Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia.

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