Star-Scape on Spotify!

“Oh, when the fire is lit and the hearth burns high

And the flames, they dance as if they kissed the sky,

May you know that Home is where Love is found,

Nourish the Child when in the arms ’tis found!”

– Kenneth G. Mills, “Flame on the Hearth”

Listen to your favourite Christmas music by the Star-Scape Singers on Spotify! Albums include Flame on the Hearth, The Song–The Heart of Christmas, Star-Scape Over Europe, and A Sound Voyage. You can also hear Lady on the Landing, featuring soprano Dianne Forsyth, and The Tonal Garment of the Word, with Kenneth G. Mills giving extemporaneous poetry to original music by Tim Janis.

Use of Spotify is free and opens a wide world of music and podcasts. To find Star-Scape music, search for Star-Scape Singers (be sure to include the hyphen).

Also, look for statements by Dr. Mills on Twitter: @KennethGMills

And posts on Facebook: Kenneth G. Mills, and Kenneth G. Mills Foundation


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