Light, Sound, and Peace

The Kenneth G. Mills Foundation is happy to announce this year’s Summer Festival of Light, Sound, and Peace, taking place from Sunday, July 12, at 4:00 p.m. to Friday, July 17, at 1:00 p.m., at The Briars resort, Jackson’s Point, Ontario (on Lake Simcoe).

This festival promises to be rich in content and in the priceless experience of gathering to celebrate Unfoldment, one another, and purpose. Details of programs will be announced soon.

Secure your place now with a deposit of $500, due no later than May 1. The balance is due by July 1.

The full festival fees, including deposit, accommodation, and all meals, are $1,555 (shared room) or $1,900 (private room). Kindly confirm the type of room you would like, at [email protected]; individuals in double rooms must each register separately. These fees may be paid here.

You are also welcome to register for one or more single days. Daily fees include taxes and tips for meals and are payable on the day or days of attendance:

Morning seminar plus lunch – $55

            Dinner plus evening seminar – $90

            All day (2 seminars + lunch + dinner) – $145

Please contact [email protected] to confirm individual day registration.

Wonderful experiences are being planned – stay tuned for more information!


If you wish to donate to the scholarship fund to help others to participate as well, please advise us at [email protected].


“The whole reason of a Summer School, and the whole purpose of our being together, is just to see how together Being IS. It is not particularly how together you are, but how together Being IS, so that all people will one day be able to feel that ebullience and to feel the spontaneity and to feel the wall-lessness of ISness.”

– Kenneth G. Mills


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