Keyboard Compositions

KGM4KeyboardsDr. Mills’s extensive musical training also found expression in his orchestral keyboard compositions. Sitting before four electronic keyboards, he had hands that were refined by countless hours in the earlier years of his life, playing the masterworks of the classical piano repertoire.

The compositions “happened” in real time with no overdubs, in a single performance with each of the keyboards set up for different sounds. He would fly over the machinery, indeed seemed to float above it as he imparted a richness of feeling and naturalness to simultaneously composing and performing a new work!

Kenneth Mills’s special artistry reveals the soul of one who defied the limitations of what would seem to be mere electronic keyboards and allowed the heart-feeling to come forth.

“Playing, conducting and listening to Kenneth Mills’s compositions is like being inside the music. He uses the beautiful colours of each instrument of the orchestra in a magical way and brings to the listener an incredible experience of the imagination and soul of Music.”
~ Mark Skazinetsky, Conductor and Associate Concertmaster, Toronto Symphony Orchestra

Many of Kenneth Mills’s compositions have been recorded and released on four CDs. Visit our online store to read more about them and download.