“The key to mentoring is identity. . . . A teacher is one who has the knowledge of how to do something and carries his books under his arm; a mentor is one who carries his head! If the head permeates the situation with another, the heart never has the chance to flourish.” – Kenneth G. Mills

The above words were spoken by Dr. Kenneth Mills, the 1997 Honorary PRIME Mentor of Canada, during his acceptance speech at the PRIME Mentors of Canada’s Tenth Anniversary Gala at the Royal York Hotel, Toronto. The importance of mentoring was highlighted by the world premiere preview of his film portrait entitled The Rapture of Being: Three Days with Kenneth George Mills, directed by multiple Gemini Award winner Barbara Willis Sweete of Rhombus Media. The audience was dazzled by his creativity and his ability to draw out the creative potential in his protégés.

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Scenes from “The Rapture of Being”

Dr. Mills, noted conductor, composer, philosopher, and artist, was awarded 1997 Honorary PRIME Mentor of Canada “for being an exemplary mentor to many appreciative protégés and for serving as a role model par excellence whom society could look up to for inspiration and guidance.”