“Kenneth Mills’s evening gowns are clearly the work of a Renaissance man. There is poetry in every pleat, art in every sweep of silk. His creative talent is so prolific that his designs will remain light years ahead of his imitators.” (Phyllis Myers, Accessories Magazine)

When asked why he was drawn to fashion design, Dr. Mills always said that it was the mother of necessity in the case of the Star-Scape Singers. Since there were six women singers, all with different shapes and sizes, needing suitable gowns for the concert stage, and no store could provide such a collection, he decided to design their dresses.

As a result of designing the Singers’ costumes, he was asked by others to design for them. Frequently these one-of-a-kind gowns were made as gifts for the women who asked.

Dr. Mills went on to design two high-fashion labels, Moulins’ Original haute couture evening gowns and Kg Collections day wear. In 1993, Moulins’ Original designs were shown and filmed for high-definition television at the historic Ed Sullivan Theater in New York.

EdSullivanFashDr. Mills and models preparing for the fashion show
held at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City.


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