The boundless energy, innovation, and love that characterized Kenneth G. Mills’s multifaceted creative expression came forth from his unswerving fidelity to his original vow, a vow that he made within himself that he would speak of his realizations if asked about them directly. These insights became a vocalization dedicated to sharing limitless possibilities with those who questioned the apparent state of affairs in their lives and in the world.

Trained for 25 years as a concert pianist, Kenneth Mills encountered a major turning point in his life in 1967 when he received an identical message from two people within a few weeks: “You must learn to speak the Word again!”

Not entirely understanding the scope of this unusual message, Dr. Mills decided, “Since I of myself can do nothing, I will move with the statement from Psalms ‘May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in the Light of the One Altogether Lovely.’ I will speak if I am asked, and otherwise I will appear to speak like everyone else.” Very soon thereafter, people began seeking him out to ask about their deepest questions and concerns; ultimately, the questioning became so frequent and the numbers so many that he turned to public lecturing to accommodate this. He began speaking publicly in 1968 and gave many thousands of hours of Spontaneous Unfoldments™, a selection of which has been published in book and/or audio form.

SSSNewChatelThe special genius of this man found expression in unique and diverse forms. From Carnegie Hall to the great choral festivals of Europe, Kenneth Mills appeared in concert, on radio and on television with his internationally acclaimed choral ensemble, The Star-Scape Singers.

He founded this ensemble in 1976 and won the hearts of audiences around the world, serving as a powerful force for world harmony and unity. From China, Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Yugoslavia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and across Western Europe, the invitations came to Dr. Mills and The Star-Scape Singers for performances and broadcasts. With the principal composer Christopher Dedrick and others, Dr. Mills created over 150 original choral works.

The lyrics for many of the works in the Star-Scape Singers’ repertoire are taken from the poetry of Kenneth Mills. His poems were spoken spontaneously during lectures or manifested themselves in his day-to-day activities. Selections from over 3,000 of these spontaneous poems appear in several published volumes.

In response to the spirit of these poems, New York dramatist Dr. Barry Brodie formed The Earth-Stage Actors and a “theatre of philosophy” in 1987, dedicated to performing dramatic settings of Dr. Mills’s poetry and prose.

MajesticOrchestraKenneth Mills’s extensive musical training also found expression in his own keyboard compositions and the release of four CDs. This music reveals the soul of one who defies the limitations of what would seem to be mere electronic keyboards and allows heart-feeling to come forth; this is well described by composer John Lissauer: “His ideas flow uninterrupted from his soul to his fingers to our very fortunate ears.”

Some of these extemporaneous compositions were recorded by members of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra under the conductorship of Mark Skazinetsky.

MedArtAwardIn 1992 he was awarded a MedArt Special Recognition Award “for the outstanding healing power of his art.”

Kenneth Mills’s life unfolded through a deep interest in music, the arts, and education, as well as in health, architecture, fashion, landscaping, and interior design. As he said, “Life is music and music is life.” There are countless expressions of it!

Before passing in October 2004 at his home in Ontario, Canada, Dr. Mills produced the memoirs of his rich and enlightened life, The Candy Maker’s Son.


Listen to:  “Introduction to Kenneth G. Mills”