Just released!

The much-anticipated new collection of Unfoldmentsoffered extemporaneously by Dr. Kenneth G. Mills during the 1989 Summer Festival of Light, Sound, and Peace has just been released! Cataract of Light: Soliloquies on Conscious Being comprises fourteen chapters with such enticing titles as “The Missing Ingredient,” “The Secret to the Wall,” and “Coping with the Abundance of Enlightenment.” Described as “a manual for the mind, life, and heart” by producer and musician Alexander Zonjic, this book contains precious keys for opening the door to Self-Realization.

To read the Unfoldments of Dr. Kenneth G. Mills is to be on Holy Ground in the library of the Saints and Sages. With divine precision the soliloquies on Conscious Being refocus the Message of the Ancients in our awareness and knowing.

– Yanci Bukovec, director and actor

Cataract of Light is now available to order from Amazon.

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