It’s here! Register for the Online Introduction to the Spontaneous Unfoldments™ of Kenneth G. Mills

Join us on Thursday, February 15, at 8:00 p.m. EST, for a free webinar introducing the principal ideas and themes found in the Spontaneous Unfoldments™ of Dr. Kenneth G. Mills. (To those of you who have waited patiently for this webinar, our heartfelt thanks!)

We look forward to sharing the rich Message offered by Dr. Mills – dynamic video recordings where he speaks of some of his key insights will be interspersed with facilitators’ commentaries to help you navigate Dr. Mills’s abundant and creative legacy.


This webinar will be facilitated by three directors of the Kenneth G. Mills Foundation — Steve Mack, Katrine Geneau, and Gregory Serdahl.

Steve Mack is president of the Kenneth G. Mills Foundation. He heard his first Unfoldment and met Dr. Mills in Berkeley, California, in 1975. Profoundly moved by this experience, Steve relocated his family to Tucson, Arizona, where Dr. Mills had purchased a home. At Dr. Mills’s prompting he began creating furniture and other handcrafted artistry in wood. This ultimately led to the opening of Steve’s company, Rings of Wood, which was recently recognized as producer of the 2016 “Kitchen of the Year” by the National Kitchen and Bath Association of America.

Steve notes, “This focus has required adherence to the highest ideals of beauty and elegance exemplified by Dr. Mills, and has been the proving ground for me of the practicality of accepting and then applying such profound wisdom in the activity of daily living.”

Katrine Geneau works as an executive coach in a variety of multinational organizations in Toronto, Canada. Katrine had the great privilege of studying directly with Dr. Mills for many years. “I arrived as a die-hard atheist, only aware of what the senses were telling me. When I saw how Dr. Mills perceived the world, I wanted to experience what he was experiencing. I wanted to live the way he did.”

In her memoir, Inward Bound: A Journey from Sense to Soul, Katrine recounts her dramatic transformation. An adventure-filled and vivid account of the ecstasies and the challenges of studying with a living Master, the book also offers many valuable pointers to those on a similar path. She is currently collaborating on a business book about “conscious leadership.”

Gregory Serdahl is an entrepreneur, business owner, and licensed health professional in New York City. He owns two businesses and also practices various modalities of massage and bodywork. Gregory was a member of the EarthStage Actors, a performance group dedicated to the poetry of Dr. Mills, where he was fortunate to interact with and be shaped by the creative presence of the poet himself.

Gregory states, “Wonder, Feeling, and Principle are ideas from Dr. Mills’s Unfoldment that have given birth to meaning in my life, and there isn’t a day when they don’t resonate as practical endeavor. I’m eager to share my experience.”


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