Is This a Paradigm Shift?

Listen to what philosopher Kenneth G. Mills has to say about paradigm shifts and the need for newness, in a groundbreaking talk given in 1991.

On Saturday, April 4, the video of this previously unpublished exposition will be shown, free, on Zoom: Click to watch the full program starting at 11:00 a.m. ET. Prepare to be amazed!

“We are in the throes of torment, but we are also on the crest of Wonder, for as there is a rhythm to all the tides that confront men and women, there is also the lull that allows us to evaluate the heights and depths of our attainment.”

Kenneth G. Mills

The program, lasting 90 minutes, will be:

11:00–11:15  Greetings and coaching on how to use Zoom

11:15–11:35  Say hello! An opportunity for people to greet everyone and say where they are calling from

11:35–11:40  Invocation or poem

11:40–12:25  Viewing of the Spontaneous Unfoldment

12:25 Closing remarks

For those who would like to delve further into the meaning of the lecture, there will also be a discussion group meeting the next day, Sunday, April 5, at 11:00 a.m. ET, on Zoom:

Please share this post with anyone you know who would like to experience the support of spiritual truths and like-minded company. There is no charge for the event, but if you feel moved to do so, please donate to the Kenneth G. Mills Foundation.


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