“In Praise of the Invisible”

“So raise your voices in acknowledgment of the Wonder which at Heart is found

Allowing your seeming fleshly garment to be transcended at will, unbound.”

~ Kenneth G. Mills, “In Praise of the Invisible”


Please join us online at the Gathering Place this Sunday, August 1, 2021, at 11:00 a.m. to view the Spontaneous Unfoldment “In Praise of the Invisible.”

The event will begin with a special program, followed by watching the video. Click here for the schedule.

Dr. Mills gave this lecture on the morning of January 26, 1992, at the Dobbs Ferry Women’s Club in Dobbs Ferry, New York. It was published in 1993 as chapter 13 in The Golden Nail, a collection of Spontaneous Unfoldments given by him.

There is no charge to watch this profound Unfoldment. To register and receive the Zoom link, email [email protected].

A limited number of copies of The Golden Nail are available for purchase through the Kenneth G. Mills Foundation. If you wish to buy one, contact the Foundation at [email protected].

“Kenneth G. Mills is a Messenger. The Golden Nail is filled with Source inspiration and the rhyme of understanding. It is a carrier of poetic psychology, harmonic humor and prophetic prose.”

~ Rolland G. Smith, former anchorman, WWOR-TV

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