How You Can Make a Difference Today

By Mary Joy Leaper

“We are moving into an age where Dr. Mills’s knowledge and teaching will become a tool for survival.” (Eugene Watts, Co-founder of the Canadian Brass)

Do you ever wonder, How can I make a difference? What are the answers to my questions in what seem to be such turbulent times?

Have you considered supporting the Kenneth G. Mills Foundation? The foundation keeps two mandates at the forefront: to preserve and share the Spontaneous Unfoldments™ of Kenneth Mills, which have moved so many people at such a deep level; and to sponsor artistic and educational projects “contributing to the future of man’s attainment” (K.G. Mills) by advancing the careers of young writers, artists, musicians, and other performers.

In 2017, donations have allowed the foundation to present the annual Summer Festival of Light, Sound, and Peace in Ontario; to create an Easter workshop (with a Canadian Thanksgiving workshop coming up in just two weeks); and to sponsor the first annual Poetry Prize for high school, college, and university students in the Toronto area. A new blog and Facebook page now help us tell our story to a wider audience.

And, on Wednesday evening, November 8 (Save the date!) the foundation will celebrate online the formal opening of the Library of Kenneth G. Mills’s Spontaneous Unfoldments.™ Stellar lectures, meetings, and concerts and rehearsals with the Star-Scape Singers have been selected and uploaded into this large online library, which grows steadily as more new material is uploaded constantly.

As a subscriber you will have access to this unique library. Transcripts can be searched electronically for the topics that intrigue you most; you can also view or listen to Dr. Mills giving lectures that unfold the ideas that interest you.

Donations to the foundation are always welcome. You can become a patron of young artists, “keeping alive the spark of creative genius and beauty” (as Dr. Mills said) in our world today.

As a young man growing up in New Brunswick and showing remarkable promise as a pianist, Kenneth Mills was sponsored by leaders in society and the arts, enabling him to continue his piano studies in New York and Toronto. During his lifetime he frequently “paid it forward,” offering encouragement and financial support to young people so that they could flourish in their chosen art.

You can do the same with your donations to the Kenneth G. Mills Foundation, continuing to enliven the spirit of patronage, as well as magnifying Dr. Mills’s vibrant legacy.

Click here to donate now!*

By donating to the foundation, you really can make a difference!

“Kenneth G. Mills is an inspiration. His life and very being carry the quality of evolving humanity. He draws us inward, forward, and upward to realize our full potential selves.” (Barbara Marx Hubbard, The Foundation for Conscious Evolution)

*As a charitable organization, we will provide you with a tax receipt.


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