How to Inspire Young Music Students

Help us launch the Kenneth G. Mills Scholarship at the Glenn Gould School of the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. The Kenneth G. Mills Foundation will match any amount (up to $25,000) that you donate. Once fully funded, this annual scholarship will provide support toward the realization of the dreams of talented young musicians from Canada and throughout the world. The superb faculty, facilities and resources of the Glenn Gould School will make a great difference in the lives of these young artists, going far beyond the years of their study.

Everyone working together at $50 a month for four months is all it would take to fund this scholarship!

Can you donate $50 a month for the next four months?

Envision that 100 people each donate $50 a month, matched by the Foundation. The goal of $50,000 can be met, as set, by the time of the annual general meeting this spring. This amount assures that the scholarship will be funded in perpetuity. Won’t you be one of those 100 donors? Also, open up your ingenuity and ask your friends and acquaintances to join in.

Sponsorship like this really does change lives. In 1997, Patrons of Wisdom (a charitable organization founded by Dr. Mills which, in 2004, officially became the Kenneth G. Mills Foundation) sponsored the Competition for Advanced Music Study. Musicians from Canada, the United States, and Mexico were eligible if they played any instrument or sang. After months of deliberation and live auditions of the finalists, the adjudicators chose three who were brought to Toronto for the inaugural Gala Winners Concert on May 25, 1997, at the Glenn Gould Studio.

Greg Giannascoli, a marimba artist, received first prize. Twenty-one years later, in 2018, he contacted the Foundation with a follow-up report:

“I want to thank all of you at the Kenneth Mills Foundation and just let you know that winning that competition was very inspiring and helpful to me in many ways.”

After winning, Greg went on to complete his DMA and then to perform on many Community Concert Association series throughout the United States, playing a mix of popular Americana and Romantic music (Gershwin, Bernstein, Liszt) with a pianist. He has premiered more than twenty new works for the marimba and in addition has become a teacher, sponsor, author, and Grammy-award nominee. Find out more about him at

You can help many more talented young musicians to achieve such artistry by participating in the funding of the Kenneth G. Mills Scholarship.

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 “If we hold what we know to be true

And offer to do what there is to do,

While we be the energy, the vitality at hand

To fulfill all the pleas of the hue-man,

Can you imagine what paths could be cleared in the Light

And how others would see the Highway of God in sight!”

Kenneth G. Mills




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