Hear Melissa Danis in concert this Thursday!


Melissa Danis, this year’s recipient of the Dianne Forsyth Vocal Scholarship at the Royal Conservatory of Music, will be performing on Thursday, April 26, at 6:00 p.m. at the Termety Theatre. The theatre is on the second floor of the Telus Centre for Performance and Learning, 273 Bloor Street West, Toronto. Admission is free. Attendees at the Kenneth G. Mills Foundation’s last Christmas party heard this delightful soprano. If you haven’t heard her yet, this is a great opportunity to enjoy her soaring voice and warm presence.

The Kenneth G. Mills Foundation supports the Dianne Forsyth Vocal Scholarship as well as sponsoring individuals and projects within arts and education.

As Dr. Kenneth Mills stated, ““The great tradition of patronage has kept alive the spark of creative genius and beauty throughout the ages and will carry it on into an effulgent tomorrow, bearing wisdom, wonder, and power.”

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