Great book!

Great book! I always love reading something that is so clear and reflects the direct experience of the author. For decades Kenneth Mills mid-wived births of spiritual adepts and emerging leaders all around the world. The Kenneth G. Mills Foundation continues this unique legacy with Cataract of Light.

– Kurt Johnson, PhD, co-author, The Coming Interspiritual Age

Coming soon! Cataract of Light, a new book of fourteen Spontaneous Unfoldmentsgiven by Dr. Kenneth G. Mills. They unfolded during a three-week summer festival in Ontario, Canada, where participants gathered to experience what he described as “a force field of Realignment.” Like those attending the original event, you will be given precious keys for opening the door to Self-Realization. These keys enable you to view your experience from the standpoint of your true identity as Conscious-Awareness Being and to live beyond the limits of personal beliefs. In so doing, you may discover a wellspring of meaning, creativity, and joy.

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