Did you miss Lucille Joseph’s World Unity Week presentation? Watch it here now!

On Friday, June 26, World Unity Week offered a one-hour presentation by Lucille Joseph in the Sacred Spaces convergence room, introducing the Unfoldments of Kenneth G. Mills.

Dr. Mills was a Canadian philosopher, metaphysician, and musician with a rare gift (honed over decades of highly disciplined inner work) of speaking spontaneously in prose and poetry. Many of his Spontaneous Unfoldments were captured on video and are now available online and finding a growing, next generation, international audience. Relevant, authentic, and direct to the point that Unity is the underlying reality already present –  it is not a state to be achieved by parts coming together – the work of Kenneth Mills is prescient and a voice that the world is crying out for today.

“You cannot bring unity to diversity unless you realize the indivisible nature of Identity. Then, when Identity is realized, diversity is cognized as nothing but the variegated pattern of action on the stage called the world.” (Kenneth G. Mills)

In the presentation Lucille spoke from her experience of adopting this non-dual standpoint of Unity while living and working in a world seemingly divided. She  also played excerpts from the Unfoldments of Kenneth Mills.

Lucille studied with Dr. Mills for thirty years and has just completed the manuscript of a book about her experience. She was also a consultant with the Boston Consulting Group and then a financial services executive, and more recently serves on arts boards of directors. She is a founder of the Luminato arts festival in Toronto.

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